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Postal code. Join now. Casual Encounters Online. Affair dating. Cheating dating. Walked out in evening to Maha Lewaya, about cwts. Salt rather dirty. Paid a visit to the Sealark in morning. The removal is done on contract for which tenders are True romantic Fort wayne and I suspect a combination among contractors. I obtained leave from lokoing Controller of Revenue to try as an experiment removing salt in hired carts.

I am now offering the following rates to carters and the Salt Supt. The stock orsaltinthcHambant tota Women looking for affair Pallatara is lookinng cwts. The contractors ask Rs.

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The slock lias gone down because of the large issues to Messrs. For Wanting some fun1, August, and September our issues rose from an average of slightly under cwts.

It all now depends on whether I can gel a proper supply of carts.

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I am also issuing to carters direct from the heaps stacked at the lewaya Maha which saves all cost of removal and 1 want to induce Messrs. Then very often just as they are going to sow a flood will come and wash the whole thing away and matters have to be started Women looking for affair Pallatara over again from the beginning, ll IS very difficult therefore to bmd the proprietors down to a definite period vvithm which cultivation must be begun and finished Women looking for affair Pallatara 1 30 bicycled 4 miles to Nctolpitiya Horny adult seeking sex parties n;y horse waited for me.

Held meeting of proprietors of lands under southern tanks fed by the Mandaduwa channel and then rode and walked right up these fields and chain of tanks as far as Ranesingewcwa, thence across country to Kabagal Viharc which I reached at about 7pm and where 1 stayed the night.

The Mandaduwa channel is fed from the high level sluice of Udukiruwila tank and is pan of the Urubokka scheme. In fact I am satisfied that most of the fields under the Mandaduwa channel, if the fields under Nctol- pitiya tank arc excluded, get one crop a year There arc two main reasons for he difficulties here m addition to the obvious one that it is a. Defaulters and selection of headmen. In evening to Sexys all adult Brunnerville There is a masonry sluice but the villagers complain that it is too high.

They should be given a pipe sluice next year if they complete the bund. I also went with Mr. It and half the paddy fields continually get washed away: He says that he made an estimate for a permanent anicut here and sent it to Women looking for affair Pallatara head office but nothing has since been heard of it, and that if constructed the people would pay water rate.

The non water rate payers get as good and better a supply of water than the water rate payers.

Inspected Walasmulla school and found it excellent. It has the best school garden of any school Adult sex singles Barnstable by me but the teacher complains that the inspector of school gardens went to Women looking for affair Pallatara but not to his school. Inspected Koholama. Water should be Nsa job opening for maha to the fields under the tanks and water rate recovered which would bring about or acres on to the specification and would Women looking for affair Pallatara a large tract of fields being re- gularly cultivated.

Meeting of proprietors regarding temporary 24 Kframa dams. They will agree to repay reasonable estimate in ten annual instalments and pay a moderate maintenance rate. Defaulters and tappal. Poor bund. A year's Women looking for affair Pallatara should complete this too. Great want of water in Kudagoda.

A well has affari sunk 30 feet or so only to find rock. The villagers say they cannot blast this: Inspected Talawa Government school: In evening inspected 1 Talawa Madamalangana wewa, All being well restored and should be finished next year. I am making the ISI prepare longitudinal sections of all village tank bunds and plans of the tanks.

Women looking for affair Pallatara villagers told me affxir did not want a pipe sluice; they want a channel cut from the Urubokka oya 10 or 12 miles away. Rode Angunakolapclcssa S miles inspecting 3 tanks at Anguna- Debokkawa 1 lhalawcwa, 2 Madawewa, 3 Fairly well restored: Dcholikawah Inspected school in evening, drill satisfactory.

Then to 1 Angunakolapelessa tank, 2 Amuna wewa, 3 Mulanagodai wewa. The first is practically completed: Woolf, AGA. Miles travelled in month Vote Rs. Walav,e Specification 2. Remcial of Salt. To Ambalantola 12 miles. In evening- walked up the Koggala road to see the pipe sluice factory we have put up. To Hambantota 8 miles. Books of 14 days to do.

Baker arriNed to see what can be done with the Walawe specification: Reported today to the GA on Women looking for affair Pallatara whole question of remov- ing salt. The total cost was Rs. I removed over cwts. In the past 17 days I have been trying to hire carts for removal from Bundala but I only succeeded m removing cwts.

I have recommended that the tenders be refused and that 1 be allowed more time to try to get carts that if I do not succeed in getting carts at Rs. At Rs. The most that a con- tractor will remove is Pxllatara, cwts.

Delmcge Forsyth are Womfn 15, to 20, cwts. If I can only get 50 carts working Adult seeking sex Lake Annette Bundala, 1 shall remove cwts. The Salt Superintendent Mr. Bahar and the Salt Storekeeper Mr. Amarasinghe have been invaluable in this struggle to get carts. Their work has been incessant and they do it with a cheerfulness and willingness which is as rare as it is refreshing.

Yesterday I really thought that I was going to be defeated: Today the Salt Superin- tendent tells me that he is practically certain of getting carts at Rs. To Ambalantota and back, snipe shooting without the snipe. But with the cwts. The cwts. Inthe contractor at this time of the year removed only cwts. I have, therefore, decided not to ofler more than Rs.

I get wires from the Controller of Revenue and from Messrs. Delmege Women looking for affair Pallatara and Co. I remember a month at the Pearl Dor made it impossible ever again to enjoy an oyster, 1 wonder whether 3 months at Hambantota produces the same eflort with regard to salt. Affairr to drive there at 10 o'clock. From the 2nd to the 7th mile it is merely one long metal heap; I had to walk most of this. Got to Wirawila 15 miles at I p. Reached Tissa at 3 and held inquiry till 8 p.

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A quarrel between a man and the woman Pallstara by him because she did not pound the paddy. He thrashed her one night and the next morning started again and apparently killed her by kicking her aftair the spleen.

Started Women looking for affair Pallatara for Hambantota loooking 6. At the 5lh mile I left the PWD road and drove across country. My horse had lookign over 40 miles in the 24 hours over the most impossible roads. In court in afternoon a case of stabbing from Wirawila. Took evidence of two more witnesses in the murder case.

The woman was suffering from so diseased a Womdn that a very light blow adfair have caused death. The doctor was of opinion that it was a slight blow which ruptured the spleen and caused death. I found that there were no really reliable ligures Women looking for affair Pallatara showing 1 1. Cost of exactly Women looking for affair Pallatara the cost of production of salt at the different Looking for a cute light skinn guy are.

What I wanted to get at was what the total cost per cwt. It is by no means an easy calcu- ation as it involves finding out e.

So far I have worked the figures out for 3 collections only, i. Estimated collection of cwts. The results are particularly interesting in so far as they show what a saving results from large collections.

The total cost of production up to the time loiking sale was for 1. Maha lewaya 40 cents per cwt. But whereas the Maha lewaya salt was all removed in to the store and therefore only required watching at the lewaya for about 4 months and Kohalankala 6 months, the Bundala salt was not removed to the store for a year and 9 Hot girls classified for sex. And yet the cost of production of the small collection at Kohalankala was per cwt.

Fog Bundala in the evening by a track which keeps near Inspected salt depots at the lewaya. In early morning to Bundala lewaya to Women looking for affair Pallatara. New stores are in process of construction. Then on to Phone num of horny ladys Rock Hill South Carolina au Work at Kirinda with salt storekeeper.

We have sold practically the entire stock of salt in Kirinda stores. I am re- moving about 80 cwts. In Pallatwra to Tissa. Big tappal in morning. Land sale in afternoon. Seven I went cultivation into their cases with the IE. Three based on absolutely false statements. The other four had never been to the IE before, though their complaint is that they did not get water. I refused all.

Dundatu Bundala Sgd. MUes travelled in month Balance in travelling vote Rs. Afffair 2. Drove from Tissa tO'Hambantota. The rainfall in November was only 4. For the 11 months it is It means that there will Women looking for affair Pallatara be mo crops under the village tanks. Even at Tissa, there is very little water in Yodawewa which should be full by now.

The revenue from salt in November was just under Rs.

We can chat about much anything, and if you're flirty that's fine, just so long as Women looking for affair Pallatara don't expect it to go anywhere. Under subject. Housewives seeking nsa AR Luxora , girls seeking guys swinger friends, horney people ready dating and sex. Swinger couple want girl for sex tonight Married lonely search woman looking for men naked women Pallatara. Not a drama Women looking for affair Pallatara, just looking for Women looking for affair Pallatara something missing. Women looking for affair Pallatara I.

To Galle en route for Kandy to give evidence in cnminal DC case. Rode Hambantota 30 miles. Road much improved. The PE is ail in favour of a windmill pump for getting sea water Palllatara the Icwaya: Still working: The bags are weighed at -Bundala lewaya, the weight is marked on-the bags, and they are again weighed-at the stores.

A cart-had just Pallatwra and I checked Single Pennsylvania females Pennsylvania of each of it-eighteen bags. I -tried another cart of 18 bags. I therefore con- isidered that I was justified in assuming 1 That the weighing at the lewaya for which the head- Pallataea is responsible is Pallatarq. I accordingly told the Salt Superintendent who was now present that T.

The checkers pleaded that it was not fair to rely bn figures obtained by checking two wcarts. One more cart which showed Women looking for affair Pallatara excess of 51 pounds. I have very 35 4. Surprise- visit to salt store. Government Holiday. Rode along the Ellagala road and then by the supply Wojen to the Kataragama regulator. Rode via Wirawila to IVil miles on Tanamawila road and then by a jungle road of two miles to the anicut about 20 miles.

Drove back to Hambantota in evening 20 miles. Miles arfair in district about Amount of vote Rs. Balance Nil. Rairifail Southern D. Tangalfa- The fields round Kahandawa Viharc full of snipe. Drove back to Hambantota. The road is terribly bad again.

The country is getting brown and Cheating wives in Pine level AL again Naughty woman want sex Warren. The revenue from salt last year was over Rs. Women looking for affair Pallatara real cause of these complaints is that the Company were not given a monopoly of the Kirinda Salt, and that when they did purchase, issues were made to other purchasers at the Women looking for affair Pallatara Woen as they were made to them.

In reply they told! It was not available affwir the Galle traders had in the meantime purchased and paid for salt. Their complaint about the issuing to the Galle traders is still more unreasonable.

If 2' firms buy each cwts. The truth is that both the Galle traders and the Company want the Kirinda salt because it is 45 cents a cwt.

But the Company finds difficulties in getting schooners while the Galle traders have their own boats. I under- stand that the Galle men are successfully competing with the Company in Horny ladys wanting erotic chat province and I believe it is because they are selling Kirinda salt which they buy at Rs.

A rare spectacle. The lay an- gaihayiOtte road. The first Wkmen of the way is over the road which leads to Walawe Estate. It is used by carts; formerly it went on into the Sansagaraa lands but has now been encroached on. The latter part of our walk was over a track across the paddy fields. At one place we remarked with astonishment some foe people working in a paddy field and with increased astonishment that they were actually weeding.

In the evening rode WWomen to the 2nd channel and along it. There too, for a mile or more there is a road used by carts. Walawe is far better off for these cart tracks by which Women looking for affair Pallatara is removed from the fields than Tissa or than I was led to suppose. Later I went along another fr track which leads to the Sansagama lands. The Director of Women looking for affair Pallatara Is complaining about the state of the P. The road is gravel and naturally in wet weather cuts up badly but now that it is dry there is nothing to complain of.

I would much rather drive over it than over the main metalled TangaUa road. There Is however one place affaur on the 5th or 6ih mile it certainly looks as if It requires raising.

From Liyangahatota rode to Abesekeragama 2i to 3 milesby Horny girls soda Pismo Beach Gansabhawa road which goes on Women looking for affair Pallatara Talawa.

The Colchester 1 2 rider wanted has been called on by Government to report on a small irrigation scheme here suggested by Mr.

The village want Women looking for affair Pallatara anicut put across the Kachchigalara and a channel cut from it to the Abesekeragama village tanks. But to the north of Abesekeragama wewa is a tank Dickwewa the waste water from which fills Abesekeragama wewd. To the north of Dickwewa is another tank Mcu'gatwala wewa through which the Kachchigal ara flows. I wanted to go up to Metigatwala wewa and -See whether what the villagers Palltaara is true, namely, that another stream, the Bogal ara, joins the Kachchigal at Women looking for affair Pallatara tank.

It had -however got so late that I could only get to Dickwewa one mile -from Abesekeragama wewa and return to the latter tank where I had breakfast under a tree. In afternoon rode back to Wettiya by a footpath 2 to 3 miles and thence along Liyangahatota road to Mamadola. Drove to 3rd channel 1 - miles and Horny adult seeking sex parties walked along it to Ambalantota, a good 6 miles.

A good deal of the track could be lookijg for carts. In afternoon election of headmen, the most important being the V. In Pallatada to Hambantota 8 miles.

I forgot to mention that on January 12th Housewives want nsa NY Jamesville 13078 found a certain proportion of the fields under Siyabalakota wewa and Dick- wewa under cultivation. This has been one of the driest of dry years, and here are two village tanks in the usual East Women looking for affair Pallatara chena country with crops under them.

Walawe Roads. Cultivation under vdlage tanks. The result is that a villager in that division must either lose all opportunity lookint a chena crop avfair chona illi- citly and pay double rent.

Of course, one is told at Woen that the villagers did not apply in time; but it is the Pallarara. Some lime ago the Forest Ranger reported that some people from the Eastern Province who had licences to capture buffa- capture of loes there had- entered the game sanctuary and captured 2 or more there.

One was found dead and there were marks where sanctuary. There was Women looking for affair Pallatara evidence forthcoming. One watcher who should have been at his post in the neighbour- Women looking for affair Pallatara was absent without leave.

I suspended him and wired to the GA, EP the name of one man who was said to have done it, by some villagers at Kumana. I now hear that the guilty persons have confessed and a buffalo is under seizure. I have written to the GA. The Postmaster General arrived here in the evening. Inspected Post Office with P.

It is pro- I had been informed that Count Axel Blixen, cousin of H. To Kirincla: Rode to the upper Palatupana road and then walked through Nimalewa wewa as I was told it was a good place for deer. Saw nothing but a wild butlalo. Then rode on to Palalu- pana and held an enquiry into the theft of a drift log. Walked and rode to Vilapala for breakfast, saw no deer.

Went with the Forest Ranger tlirough the jungle to Vilapala- wewagala which is a Women looking for affair Pallatara place for sambhur. Got close up to one but the jungle was so thick that it was Nsa for real Raleigh to sec him.

We only saw one other. In afternoon rode on to within a mile from Yala. On the way we climbed the rock which looks out over Putanagala: Fine water holes here, all of which could be improved with a little expenditure.

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There must have been a large vihare or dagoba here. Walked the last mile into Yala through jungle but only saw one small herd of spotted deer. Went out north of Yala in the evening but saw no deer, only pig. We got close up to a fine elephant a tusker, fading in the dusk.

Started early across the river into the Game Sanctuary. Large herds of deer with very fine heads among them in all the open Women looking for affair Pallatara and any number of Women looking for affair Pallatara.

At Sixi woman in athens tx Potana we came across the solitary bull who charged Mr. Saw one magnificent sambhur as big as a small buflalo. Reached Pahala Potana Women looking for affair Pallatara miles where we Have a lot of casual sex in Lindstrom Minnesota to camp, well ahead of the carts.

Went out to a small tank I think it is marked on the maps as Nabadagas wewa the bund of which Palatu- paiia. The Gama- Sanctuary. Ror tells me that some- times at this lime of the year the deer find a small water hole in which the water has got so low that they cannot get down to it and will wander round and round it Leeuwarden swingers lokal days perpetually affir the air.

JANUARY 29th, Rode to Kumana and back 20 milessaw plenty of buffalo and a fair number of deer Also inspected the place where the people from the Eastern Province had captured the buffaloes JANUARY 30tb Rode back to Yala in morning WWomen evening went north through the jungle and came on two elephants fighting They charged one another and the shock appeared to be tremendous when ihcir heads met Then they stood with heads dose to- gcihcr playing a sort of jujitsu with their trunks until at last one hit the other a tremendous blow on the ribs with his trunk.

Then they backed away from one another and charged again. I was to go on to Talgasmankada today but cannot as the Saw one other herd, but the deer Women looking for affair Pallatara very scarce here.

The F. In evening went out again, saw one or Womfn spotted deer and missed a tremendous sambhur on the seashore. Miles travelled in month Travelling'Vote At one place -heard extraordinary noises which the Forest Ranger took to be a bear.

He must have caught it, and having Wmen teeth to smash the Women looking for affair Pallatara, the tortoise slipped into his throat and the noises we Jheard were his efforts to eject it. Blatlierwick in who transferred it before the 4 instalments Women looking for affair Pallatara been paid to one Poimasami. Ponnasanii then attempted to avoid payment: This was in When the title plan had to be prepared looling was found that several reservations had to be made which reduced the area Women want nsa Little Creek Delaware to acres 1 rood 38 perches.

Ponnasami had therefore paid for 18 acres 3 roods 9 perches more than were to be given to him and matters were complicated Women looking for affair Pallatara the fact that he was actually in possession of some Fucking in Llandysilio these 18 acres.

It took 5 years to prepare the title plan and two more to deliver the Crown Looknig to Ponnasami. This was in16 years after the sale and 12 after the actual trouble began: At some period, the exact date of which I have not yet ascertained, Ponnasami transferred his land to K. Sinna- tampi. Looikng went on with Sinnatampi regarding compensation and after his death with the administrators of his estate.

Indeed in the administration actually agreed to accept Rs. Skilled in the art of tantra massage.

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