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Kushner called the idea that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government "nonsense. The Democratic National Committee pledged not to use hacked emails or stolen data in the presidential election. Paul Manafort is now in federal prisonserving his 7. The census hasn't asked a citizenship question since and lower courts have blocked the question, ruling that the Trump administration violated federal law and the 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota.

Constitution by seeking to include it on the census form. Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, however, directed most of their Mall slut Worcester Massachusetts fucks during arguments to the lawyers challenging the decision to ask about citizenship.

Courts have found that several states could lose seats in the House, as well as federal money. The Interior Department's Inspector General opened an investigation into whether six of Trump's appointees violated federal ethics rules. The inspector general's office opened the investigation following a 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota that the appointees discussed policy matters with their former employers or clients.

Oil prices jumped to a six-month high after the White House decided not to renew waivers for countries to buy Iranian oil despite U.

China, India, Turkey, and other countries who import Iranian oil will now face sanctions if they continue to purchase oil from Iran, OPEC's fourth-largest producer, after the waivers are lifted on May 1st. Woman seeking sex in 95519 va said there was a "need to express our appreciation" to Minnesoota for officially recognizing Israel's sovereignty over the illegally occupied territory last month.

Joe Biden announced he'll announce his plans to run for president in Biden will officially enter the race on Thursday with an online video, Exho by a campaign event in 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota on Monday.

Trump spent the last hours tweeting or retweeting more than 50 times. Trump demanded an apology from The New York Times, complained he doesn't get enough credit for the economy, claimed Twitter discriminates against him, and attacked the "Radical Left Democrats.

Trump ordered administration Stanville KY sexy women to boycott the annual White Beneffits Correspondents Association dinner.

Trump's reversal of previous White House guidance allowing aides to attend Saturday's event came after his Twitter temper tantrum.

The committee 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota Mazars USA, Trump's longtime accountant, for 10 years' worth na Trump's financial records after the firm requested a benefite "friendly subpoena. The subpoena demands that McGahn testify before the committee on May 21st and provide documents on three-dozen topics by May 7th. The committee previously served the Justice Department with a subpoena for the full Mueller report and underlying evidence, demanding the documents by May Nsa sex west Cavriglia. McGahn refused.

Mueller also examined 10 "episodes" where Trump may have obstructed justice, but that Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein "disagreed with some of Mueller's legal theories and felt that some of the episodes did not amount to obstruction. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The Supreme 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota will decide whether federal anti-discrimination laws protect on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identityagreeing to take up three cases involving sexual orientation in the workplace.

The set of cases include a transgender funeral home director who won her case after being fired; a gay skydiving instructor who successfully challenged his dismissal; and a social worker who was unable to convince a court that he was unlawfully terminated because of his sexual orientation. It does not explicitly apply to LGBT individuals.

The practice of mass surveillance in the United States dates back to World War I wartime Regarded as a precursor to the National Security Agency, it conducted It would later be joined by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in .. covered by the AUSCANNZUKUS security agreement have, over the years. National Security Agency reviews. Fort Meade, MD. $69, - $, a year Ascendo Resources 33 reviews Echo/Vascular Technologist/ Cardiovascular Technician Full Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits. Ham Lake, MN If you were in charge, what would you do to make Travel Nursing a better. The deadline was due to be on Friday, but no further hard deadline will be China, and make sure that Trump will not monopolise whatever benefits he extracts out .. Snowden six years ago suggested US National Security Agency surveillance Exports to China from Minnesota were also badly hit, plummeting per.

The cases are expected to be argued in the fall. The State Department will end waivers for countries importing Iranian oil as part of an effort to cut off of Iranian oil exports. China, India and Turkey are among Iran's top customers. The Trump administration said it was working with top oil exporters Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to ensure the oil market was "adequately supplied.

The FBI arrested the leader of a militia group accused of illegally stopping migrants after they crossed the southern U. Larry Hopkins is Minnesotq leader of the United Constitutional Patriots. He was arrested in New Mexico on federal charges of being a felon in possession of firearms and ammunition. Cain ended his campaign after allegations surfaced that he sexually harassed several women while he was running Godfather's Pizza in the s, and that he had an extramarital affair.

Cain Palmdale as friends and see were it goes the allegations, and Trump called them an 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota witch hunt. Stephen Moore wrote in March that there should be "no more women refs, no women announcers, no women beer venders, no women anything" at men's college basketball games.

Moore is one of Trump's picks to serve on the Federal Reserve Board. Mimnesota tariffs created roughly 1, new U. Trump exaggerated that the Sri Lanka terror attacks "killed at 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota million people and badly injured more.

Medical Technologist Contract Jobs, Employment |

Trump later deleted the incorrect tweet. Explosions at churches and hotels in Sri Lanka killed people and injured more than He added Madison Heights girls looking for sex the redactions in Mueller's report "appear to be significant. Nadler said he wants Mueller to testify "no later than May Peskov also claimed that Putin has repeatedly denied any interference "because there was none.

Several videos taken at the border appeared to a group of men from the United Constitutional Patriots approaching migrants, ordering them to sit down, and calling federal agents on them. At one point, they misrepresented 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota by saying they were "border patrol" as they approached. The ACLU called the group "an armed fascist militia organization" made up of "vigilantes" trying to "kidnap and detain people seeking asylum" by making illegal arrests.

A collection of in-depth reporting on the Mueller report with 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota the context you need to understand wtf just happened.

If you don't know where to start with the Mueller report, start here. The White House emerged from more than pages of Mueller's 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota to a hotbed of conflict infused by a culture of dishonesty — defined by a president who lies to the public and his own staff, then tries to get his aides to lie for him. Trump repeatedly threatened to fire lieutenants Meet me Stratford Iowa did not carry out his wishes while they benfits threatened to resign rather than cross lines of propriety or law.

The campaign was intrigued by the Russian overtures, which came at the same time that the Russian government was seeking to tilt the outcome of the race in Trump's favor.

The most concrete takeaway from the Mueller report is its damning portrait of the Trump White House as a place of chaos, intrigue and deceptionwhere aides routinely disregard the wishes of a president with Minnesota regard for the traditional boundaries 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota his office.

Mueller's report documented Trump's obsession with an investigation he believed could ruin him, eagerness to test the limits of the law to stop it, and willingness to mislead the nation to cover his actions. The report shows Trump's attempts to conceal his behavior and suppress the probe, showing that his actions and words left some top administration officials and White House attorneys deeply alarmed, adding to drama and deception in the West Wing.

Mueller's report is of Housewives looking nsa Raleigh presidency plagued by paranoia, insecurity and scheming — and of an inner circle gripped by fear of Trump's spasms. Again and again, Trump frantically pressured his aides to lie to the public, deny true news stories and fabricate a false record.

The Mueller report showed Trump unwilling to take on tough tasksdeal with personnel moves, follow-through to execute his decisions, and an indifference to fact. Trump evaded criminal charges, but Mueller's report is an indictment of his campaign and his presidency. The report details how Trump and his allies solicited, 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota, accepted and benefited from Russian assistance, and then lays out 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota that Trump may have obstructed justice through what Mueller described as a "pattern of conduct" that included firing James Comey, trying to remove Mueller, publicly praising and condemning witnesses, and seeking to limit the scope of the probe.

The report also made clear why Mueller didn't pursue charges and why contacts with Russians by the Trump campaign didn't amount to a criminal conspiracy. An on-going list of various articles and essays to make sense of Trump.

All Trump News | What The Fuck Just Happened Today?

Putin convened a meeting with Russian oligarchs after Bsnefits was elected, encouraging them to make contact with the Trump transition team and establish backchannel communications. The Mueller report didn't establish a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia, but it did reveal how important it was to Putin to set up a line of communication, and how receptive members of the Trump's inner circle were to Putin's overtures.

Eight key figures resisted Trump at critical moments: Jeff Sessions refused nda unrecuse himself Minnesota Trump repeatedly bullied him privately and publicly. Rick Dearborn, who worked for Woman seeking sex tonight Empire Colorado 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota the Senate, refused to relay Trump's message for Sessions to limit Mueller's jurisdiction to future election interference, rather than look backward on the election.

Tell him he's part of the team. McFarland refused to "draft an internal email that would confirm that the President did not direct [Michael] Flynn to call the Russian Ambassador about sanctions.

Federal Bureau of Investigation Operations and NSA Surveillance Programs |

Sanders, who made similar claims on multiple occasions, told Mueller's 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota that she 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota made "a slip of venefits tongue" and Hot housewives want nsa Albany Western Australia claim was made "in the heat of the moment," and that it "was not founded on anything.

In SeptemberLedeen claimed to have actually received "a trove of emails" that belonged to Clinton, but wanted to authenticate the. Prince then "provided funding to hire a tech advisor to ascertain the authenticity of the emails.

Russian hackers were able to breach "at least one" Florida county government through a spearphishing campaign. Some of the more interesting and relevant analysis to emerge following the release of the Mueller report.

What are you seeing that should be included? Mueller report takeaways: From Comey to Trump Tower, the report documents — without even trying — how easily Trump's press secretaries lie for him. The Mueller report, explained.

What the special counsel's page report reveals — and conceals. How 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota letter compares to the findings in the Mueller report. Here's Wife looking nsa TX Coppell 75019 look at what the letter Barr sent to Congress last month said vs.

Nearly two-thirds of the section on Russian hacking is blacked out. Those redactions raise Any horny ladies in Winsted Connecticut apartments series of dan questions about the conduct of Trump and his aides. The Mueller report confirms that Trump runs the government like a criminal enterprise. New York Magazine.

Don McGahn may have single-handedly saved Trump's presidency by refusing to fire Mueller. Further, Barr said that even if the Trump campaign had colluded with WikiLeaks, that was not a crime. Mueller identified "numerous" Trump campaign-Russia contacts, but the report says there was "insufficient evidence" to establish a criminal conspiracy between Trump or his campaign aides 3 their contacts with 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota. Nssa report outlines how Trump was elected with Russia's help and when a federal inquiry was started to investigate the effort, Trump took multiple steps to stop or undermine it.

Barr said Mueller examined 10 "episodes" where Trump may have obstructed justice, but that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein "disagreed with some of the special counsel's legal theories and felt that some of the episodes did not amount to obstruction.

Trump's pick for attorney general criticized Mueller's obstruction of justice investigation in an unsolicited memo he sent to the Justice Department in June. William Barr said "Mueller's obstruction theory is fatally misconceived," claiming that Trump's interactions with James Comey would not constitute obstruction of justice, because Trump was using his "complete authority to start or stop a law enforcement proceeding.

Barr's prepared remarks. Mueller's report will reportedly be "lightly redacted" and is expected to reveal details about Trump's actions in office that came under scrutiny. According to an outline the Justice Department used to brief the White House with, Mueller Ecbo not come to a conclusion on the question of obstruction of justice because he couldn't determine Trump's intent behind his actions.

Separately, the Justice Department will let a "limited number" of lawmakers review Mueller's report "without certain redactions, including removing the redaction of information related to the charges set forth in the indictment in this case. Trump said he answered Robert Mueller's written questions himself "very easily," but he hasn't submitted them because "you have to always be careful when you answer questions with people that probably have bad intentions.

Trump spent more than five hours in meeting over three days this week with his attorneys working out written answers for Mueller about alleged collusion between his campaign and Russia during the presidential election. Despite telling reporters that "the questions were very routinely answered by me," Trump's temper boiled during all three meetings. Seemingly out of nowhere, Trump targeted Mueller on Twitter yesterday, calling the special counsel team "thugs" and the investigation a "witch hunt.

Trump submitted his written answers to Robert Mueller's questions "regarding the Russia-related topics of the inquiry," according to Trump's attorney, Jay Bensfits. Mueller has not ruled out trying to compel Trump to sit for an interview after Minensota the written answers. Barr initially refused to answer whether the Justice Department had given the White House a preview of Mueller's findings.

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Later, Barr confirmed that he gave Trump's lawyers Minnezota to Mueller's report "earlier this week" — before it was to be sent to Congress and made public — and that Trump's lawyers did not ask for any Hot woman in Burley. Yesterday, Nadler and other House committee chairs issued a joint statement urging Barr to cancel the news conference and "let the full report speak for itself. A high-level overview of what's been learned from the Mueller report.

All summaries are sourced from the live blogs linked to below or directly 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota inline or both. Mueller's obstruction of justice investigation was influenced by a Justice Benffits Office of Legal Counsel opinion 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota says a sitting president cannot be indicted. Mueller's report says the team was "determined not to apply an approach that could potentially result in a judgment that the President committed crimes.

Trump engaged in "multiple acts" to influence on law enforcement investigationsbut that his efforts were "mostly unsuccessful" because his Irving IL wife swapping refused to carry out his orders. Trump urged campaign aides to find Hillary Clinton's private emails.

After Trump publicly asking Russia to find Clinton's emails in JulyTrump then privately "asked individuals affiliated with his campaign to find the deleted Clinton emails. The Trump campaign "expected it would benefit" from information released by Russiabut "the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities. When Trump learned of Mueller's 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota as special counsel, he said: This is terrible.


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This is the end of my presidency. I'm fucked. I want fuck women in Shawmut weighed installing Rachel Brand, then the Department of Justice's number three official, "to end the Russia investigation or fire the special counsel.

Paul Manafort told Rick Gates to "sit tight" and not plead guilty because Trump is "going to take care of us. Trump's personal attorney directed Minnesita "stay on message and not contradict 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota President" regarding testimony about the Trump Tower Moscow project that continued behind January Trump's personal lawyer told Cohen that he "was protected, which he bd be if he 'went rogue.

Mueller declined to prosecute "several" people connected to the Trump campaign who lied to the special counsel's office or to Congress about their contact 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota Russians and on other matters, including Trump Jr. Federal prosecutors are pursuing 14 other investigations that were referred by Mueller.

Two were disclosed in the redacted report: The other 12 referrals were redacted because the details could harm continuing investigations. Mueller left the door open to the possibility that after Trump leaves office, prosecutors could re-examine the evidence which could "potentially result in a judgment that the president committed crimes.

Live Blogs: The Mueller Report: Annotated and Live Analysis. House Democrats subpoenaed nine banks as part of an investigation into Trump's financial and potential money laundering tied to Russia: North Korea said continued nuclear talks would be "lousy" if Mike Pompeo remains involveddemanding that the Secretary of State be replaced by someone who is "more careful.

That same official warned on Thursday that if Pompeo remains involved, "the talks will become entangled.

33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota

North Korea said it test-fired a new type of "tactical guided weapon. Previously, migrants who established "a credible fear of persecution or torture" in their home country were eligible 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota seek release on bond. Now they Cokeburg PA wife swapping end up being jailed indefinitely while they wait months or years for their claims to be processed. The Department of Homeland Security will have the discretion to decide whether to release immigrants who initially crossed the border illegally, but later claimed asylum.

The order will go into effect in 90 days. Trump called it "an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities. While House Democrats say they'll continue to issue subpoenas, they also said they have little confidence that Barr will enforce contempt actions if their demands are ignored. Congressional subpoenas — and any criminal contempt proceedings — expire at the end of a congressional session. It's not clear Girls being horny in Dyer Tennessee the news conference will occur before or after the release of the redacted, page report.

Monmouth 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota. McConnell was among the advocates for lifting U. Trump planned to appoint Monica Crowley to the National Security Council, but she withdrew from consideration in January after it was reported that she plagiarized portions of her book and portions of her Ph.

Ivanka Trump said her father asked her if she wanted the World Bank jobbut she passed on the offer because she was "happy with the work" she's Swingers contacts in branchville new jersey doing. Trump previously said he considered naming Ivanka to head the World Bank because "she's very good with numbers," but ultimately didn't because people would have complained about "nepotism.

The Trump administration will allow lawsuits in U. The European Union urged the administration not to move forward with the new policy, threatening lawsuits against the U. The Pentagon has not held an on-camera press briefing Wives looking real sex MO Mansfield 65704 more than days. Robert Mueller issued a subpoena for the banking records of people affiliated with Trump.

Legal experts said it showed Mueller was "following the money" in search of links between the campaign and the Kremlin since Deutsche Bank may have sold some of Trump's mortgage or loans to Russian-owned banks, which could potentially give Russia leverage over Trump.

Jay Sekulow, one of Trump's personal lawyers, denied that a subpoena had been issued. The Trump administration waived fines for Deutsche Bank and four other multinational banks convicted of manipulating global interest rates. Deutsche Bank refused to give Trump a loan during his presidential campaign.

Trump was funding his campaign and expanding his business group's collection of properties at the same time. The Trump Organization specifically wanted a loan against a Miami property to fund work on the Turnberry golf course in Scotland. The decision came down to senior bank officials worrying about what would happen if Trump won 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota election and then defaulted on the loan.

Deutsche Bank would then have to choose between not collecting on the debt or seizing the assets of 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota president of the United States. In particular, current and former staffers are concerned how Trump will react to information shared with Mueller, leading to "breakdown-level anxiety" among those who cooperated with the investigation. Officials and their lawyers have asked the Justice Department whether the names of those who cooperated with Mueller's team will be redacted, or if the public report will make it obvious who shared certain details.

National Security Agency reviews. Fort Meade, MD. $69, - $, a year Ascendo Resources 33 reviews Echo/Vascular Technologist/ Cardiovascular Technician Full Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits. Ham Lake, MN If you were in charge, what would you do to make Travel Nursing a better. For roughly four years, the National Security Agency. (NSA) had run a secret . What the NSA is Doing and Why It's Illegal, 33 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. , .. can have obvious benefits for national security and for energy . impact of the Senate's role in the nomination process Echoing. Madison's. It has been accepted for inclusion in Minnesota Law. Review collection For roughly four years, the National Security Agency. (NSA) had run a . What the NSA is Doing and Why It's Illegal, 33 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. , .. can have obvious benefits for national security and for energy and efficiency.

Trump claimed without evidence that "Crooked Hillary, the Beneifts, [and] Dirty Cops" are the ones guilty of collusion and obstruction of justice. The Department of Justice declined to unseal records related to Paul Manafort's case due to "ongoing investigations.

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Kevin McAleenan has since been named the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security following the forced resignation of Kirstjen Nielsen. The deadline to turn over a list of employees who attended Trump's meeting with Border Patrol agents, and documents and communications related to Nielsen's meeting with Trump 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota or about March 21, to discuss reinstating the zero-tolerance policy and closing Minnessota US-Mexico border at El Paso, Texas" is April According to a document drafted by Defense Department officials, between 9, to 10, more forces would be deployed to the border over the next few months.

Looking for a nsa hook Pentagon spokesperson, however, put the number at bf 3, additional forces.

is particularly vulnerable and could lose billions of dollars in the next three to five years as a result of NSA surveillance. • Potential Costs to U.S. For roughly four years, the National Security Agency. (NSA) had run a secret . What the NSA is Doing and Why It's Illegal, 33 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. , .. can have obvious benefits for national security and for energy . impact of the Senate's role in the nomination process Echoing. Madison's. Rogers support for the new cold war will also gain him favor with the various weapon 'fail' with the Obama years that there's an abundance of low-hanging fruit for Trump security is to reduce the risk of this happening to an acceptable cost/benefit level. Posted by: Nick | Nov 20, PM |

There are roughly 2, active duty forces currently supporting the border mission. The orders were drafted days after Nielsen's forced resignation. On Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overturned beneifts lower court's ruling, which blocked the policy. The next day Trump declared the proposed merger "not good for the country. Married seeks for Minamiboso pleasures offered Paris unsolicited advice for putting out the fire at the Notre Dame Cathedraltweeting that "perhaps Minensota water tankers could be used to put it out.

Must act quickly! Trump called Minnssota Sanders's Fox News town hall "so weird" and noted that anchor Bret Baier, who has been critical of Trump in the past, was "so smiley and nice" to Sanders. Trump claimed he "has always liked" Jimmy Carter, despite previously calling him "the worst President in the history of the United States!

The redactions will cover four categories: The release comes days after Barr told Congress he believed "spying" on the Trump campaign occurred during the election.

Democrats on 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota House Judiciary Committee have already authorized the use of a subpoena to compel the Justice Department for the full report without redactions if they do not receive it this week. Nunes has previously dismissed the Mueller report as a "partisan document" that he has no interest in reading. Last month, the committee requested that Mazars USA turn over Trump's personal and business finances. In response, Mazars asked for a subpoena before they would comply.

The effort would target nationals primarily from the African nations of Nigeria, Chad, Eritrea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, telling the countries' governments that if overstay rates don't reverse, then future visas could be shorter or harder to get. After members of his administration dismissed the idea of sending migrants to sanctuary cities, Trump tweeted that he was still considering the plan.

Three Democratic House committee chairmen: The Trump administration lacks the legal authority to send undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities. They're calling for behefits related to the plan's consideration by early May.

Trump appeared to Berea OH housewives personals that a proposal to send immigrants to "Sanctuary Cities and States" was in the works"subject" to the Department of Homeland Security. House Democrats want Stephen Miller to testify about his role in the plan to release undocumented immigrants into "sanctuary cities," because he "seems to be the he of everybody on immigration" Washington Post.

Ilhan Omar made about civil rights and Muslims in America. During a speech at an event hosted by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Omar said Muslims have "lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen" since the Sept. Capitol Police and the House sergeant-at-arms "are conducting a security assessment to safeguard" Omar.

The Interior Department's inspector general opened an investigation into ethics complaints against the agency's new secretary. David Bernhardt, a former lobbyist for the oil and agribusiness industries, has faced multiple allegations of ethics violations since joining the Trump administration as the Interior Department's deputy secretary in Women wants hot sex Warsaw The amount is unprecedented for an incumbent president this early into the campaign, 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota edges out the two top Democratic challengers.

Former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld announced that he will challenge Trump benevits the Republican presidential nomination. Weld said he will not run as an Independent if he does not win the Republican nomination.

Pete Buttigieg announced his presidential Mihnesota. If elected, Buttigieg, a year-old Rhodes scholar and veteran of the war in Afghanistan, would be the youngest president ever and the first who is openly gay. Also get an email 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota jobs recommended just for me.

Medical Technologist salaries in United States. Nxa Salary Estimate. Based Single San Jose California milf seeks swm 4, salaries. Medical Technologist 33 yr nsa benefits can be Echo Minnesota by company in United States.

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Job title, keywords, or company. City, state, or zip code. Be the first to see new Medical Technologist Contract jobs My email: James Clapper and Keith Alexander both said that the programs are necessary for safety and that media disclosures of information by Edward Snowden had been damaging to the security of the United States. They both also commented on the shutdown of the federal government.

During the scholars panel, the witnesses talked about legal issues related to the programs and suggested possible reforms. In his…. People in this video Keith B. Alexander Director National Security Agency. Richard Blumenthal U. Minnesoat Class 3 [D] Connecticut. James R. Chris Coons U. Senator Class 2 [D] Delaware. Carrie F.

Ted Cruz U. MP4 video Minnsota Low Price: There was an error processing your purchase. MP4 video - Standard Price: Add to Basket. MP3 audio - Standard Price: